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Our student members are the future leaders and voice of the movement. The APTA resources include a wealth of Information for Students, an APTA Student Assembly, Involvement Opportunities and Scholarship Information.

The FPTA resources include a Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) and educational opportunities specifically for student needs at our events as well as other opportunities and benefits.


Where the Jobs Are

The FPTA offers a Career Center at no charge to job seekers. You can track online Help Wanted ads to see the top advertised positions in various sections of Florida.

APTA's Career Management Resources includes a resource tip sheet titled, “Considerations for Practice Opportunities and Professional Development,” to help prepare you for the interview process.

Licensure Exam Preparation

The licensure exam is through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). FPTA members enjoy access to Open Door for evidence based research.


Currently, APTA offers short term and individual health insurance plans in the Health Insurance Mart through their program provider, Marsh U.S. Consumer. This is a service designed to help members identify new, affordable options for health insurance coverage. Through the Mart, members can access rate quotes on individual or short-term medical policies. For more information, visit or call 855-345-0538.

Loan Repayment Information

Now that you're entering the work force, college loan repayment begins. APTA offers articles and resources on the Student Loan Repayment and Debt Management webpage and a Financial Solutions Center.

Career Starter Dues

For new graduates, APTA also offers a Career Starter Dues program that will enable you to save money during the first 4 years postgraduation.

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