Student Assembly Representatives

Student Assembly Representatives

Student assembly representatives are an FPTA sanctioned group designed to encourage students to become involved with FPTA governance from the start.

Student assembly representatives are recommended by the program directors and are required to attend the Chapter Caucus, Student Caucus and the Assembly of Representatives meetings at the Annual Conference and Assembly of Representatives.

Student Assembly Information

Board Liaison

The Vice Speaker of the Assembly acts as the liaison to the students. This person will answer questions, explain the assembly process and act as a resource for the student Chief Representative..

Student Chief Rep

The Student Chief Assembly Rep facilitates discussion within the student assembly. This position is appointed each year and should be available to help mentor the previous year’s position.


Student representatives must be a current participant in an accredited physical therapist and physical therapist assistant program in Florida and a member of the Florida Physical Therapy Association. One student from each program will be accepted.


Each student representative will receive a complimentary registration for the FPTA Annual Conference & Assembly of Representatives and be reimbursed for up to $300 for travel expenses.


Student representatives are required to attend the following three meetings at the FPTA Annual Meeting and sit with the student caucus during these meetings. They will also be asked to convey the assembly information to their classmates.

  1. The Assembly of Representatives
  2. The Chapter Caucus
  3. The Student Caucus
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