Stanley Paris Bio
Stanley Paris PhD, PT, FAPTA, Hon LLD (Otago)

Dr. Paris has practiced in New Zealand, England, Canada, Bermuda and the United States. He earned a diploma in physiotherapy and another in business – both degree courses today. His first degree is a PhD in neuroanatomy. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association as well as from three other organizations and has an honorary Doctor of Laws from his alma mater the University of Otago in New Zealand.  He received the highest honor in American physical therapy when being awarded the Mary McMillan Founders Lecture and later the Mildred Elson Founders Lecture of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy. Throughout his career he has founded journals, published articles and a book and started more than a dozen private clinics. In 1992 he founded what would become the University of St. Augustine.

 Dr. Paris has founded numerous private practices and specialty clinics, two journals, acquired a hotel and turned it into a health resort and founded the University of St. Augustine now with five campuses nationwide. An innovator in practice and education he plans to lay bare his experiences and how he saw and grasped opportunities to build a successful career. While his specialty has been in manual and manipulative therapy, he was the founder and first president of the Orthopaedic Section as well as a founding member of Women’s Health Section now Pelvic Health. His experiences he wishes to share with us in order that we may likewise see and take advantage of opportunities to grow and develop along with the profession.

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