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Our Mission

The FPTA membership is dedicated to improving the health, wellness and quality of life of people in Florida by advancing physical therapist practice.

Samantha Stryke, PTA

The most important value I get from my APTA membership is the opportunity for a mentor/mentee relationship. Not only do I always have someone to help mentor me in my career and help me make the best possible decisions. I also have the opportunity to pass along my knowledge and passion to students and new professionals.
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Mary Connors PTA, MHSc

As a physical therapist assistant for over 24 years and in management for most of these years, I can attest to the value of being an APTA/FPTA member. Our healthcare system is constantly changing. APTA/FPTA advocates for our profession at many levels to protect our practice and to ensure our future in the always evolving reimbursement arena. The information available from both APTA and FPTA in our tech savvy world enables us to help advocate at a moment’s notice with politicians in our state and in Washington DC. This alone is invaluable to me as a PTA in order to continue to deliver quality care to each of my patients.

However, APTA/FPTA is so much more! I have met so many amazing PTs/PTAs that have shared their expertise and experience with me. The education available through research, journals, and continuing education are far reaching to empower us all to strengthen our skills and proficiency. And I love the opportunities to make a difference in our profession! You can volunteer at many levels from state positions to committees to being an advocate for your local state representatives/senators.

There is so much more that will be occurring in our profession in the future. Join me in APTA/FPTA to be a voice for our patients, for PTAs, for the PT/PTA Team and for our amazing profession!
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Kelli Walsingham, PTA, MS, CES

To me the most important value of membership is networking and collaboration. You can learn so much from other therapists. I can pick several different states and I have a connection in that state from being involved in APTA and FPTA. Connecting with someone is one of most valuable tools you can use in your toolbox as a therapist, whether it is needing to find a different way to treat a patient, finding a job or someone as simple as finding what to do when you go on vacations. This is your association and we can only grow when we have members.
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Brenda Dorman, PTA

There are many reasons why I value my APTA membership but the most important one to me is the feeling of being connected. I love that I am connected to the most current information regarding legislative actions that affects our profession. I love knowing that I have peers and mentors that I can connect with that share my passion for the profession and want to see it succeed. Knowing that I have resources at my finger tips that can make me the best PTA for my patients is an invaluable service that being a member affords me.
Although there was a point in my career that I wasn’t able to be a member due to financial constraints, the APTA has progressed by creating installment payments to assist professionals in affording access. As professionals we should value the association that provides so many amazing benefits and inspire our colleagues to see the value. Being a PTA and a valued member of the APTA is something that I take pride in and hopefully will inspire others to take pride in this great profession and become a member too.
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Teresa Hanson, PTA

The Value of Belonging I’m new to career (less than 2 years), and constantly working to learn more about the best evidence-based therapies and exercise programs to better serve my patients. It’s a steep learning curve, and I need all the help I can get. Thankfully, my membership in the FPTA has provided me with numerous resources to meet those needs and more.

As a home health PTA, I’m working on my own in the field up to 8 hours a day and have limited communication with co-workers – mostly just texts and short phone calls. This lack of interaction tends to create a feeling of isolation from others in my profession. However, through my association with the FPTA, I’m never alone. I’m connected to hundreds of other PTAs and PTs and buoyed by the expertise and strength of the membership. I’m also a valued part of a group that works together to strengthen our profession and further our practice through advocacy at the state and national levels. Anything I can do to help achieve our goals is appreciated, whether I’m donating time or money. Because of the FPTA I’m reminded daily that I’m not just working a job; I’m developing an exciting career!
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Dr. Karen Cascardi PTA, ATC, PhD

There are a number of reasons I value being a member of APTA/FPTA. First and foremost, I enjoy giving back to our profession as a volunteer and the APTA and FPTA provides those opportunities to all PTAs. We have so many great PTAs on the state and national level that volunteer and share their experiences and expertise. APTA and FPTA have been receptive to hearing our voices. On the FPTA level we are now offering more continuing education directed more to treatment and critical decision making, which increases skill level and proficiency for PTAs. PTs and PTAs are working together to education our physical therapy community (from students to experienced therapists) on various topics of interest as expressed by membership (i.e. vestibular rehab, cardiac rehab, PT/PTA relationship, billing and coding, and jurisprudence)

There are also tremendous networking and collaborative opportunities for PTAs and the PT/PTA team on the state and national levels. As a PTA educator, I encourage our PTA students and new graduates to stay informed and connected using both APTA and FPTA websites. The value in membership is developing collegial relationships across the state and the nation. If there is something that you are passionate about in our profession, reach out and get involved because you CAN make a difference!

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