Outstanding PT/PTA Team Award
2020 Award Recipient
Outstanding PT/PTA Team Award Recipients

Kristen Cezat PT, DPT
Anna Dawson, PTA

2019 Nanako Barry, PTA and Christine Davidson, PT, DPT
2018 Kathy Swanick, PT, DPT and Bill Dryden, PTA
Crystal Gross, PT, DPT and Tomas Urbanik, PTA
2015 Mariel Repetto, PT and Brenda Dorman, PTA

Award Description

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding clinical collaboration between a physical therapist/ physical therapist assistant (PT/PTA) team.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A physical therapist and physical therapist assistant team who are both members of FPTA.
  • Nominees must be licensed and working together in a clinical setting for at least 2 years.
  • The team must include at least one PT and one PTA.

Criteria for Selection

The nominated PT/PTA team:

  • Has a collaborative relationship which has resulted in providing the highest level of physical therapy services to patients/clients.
  • Is characterized by trust, mutual respect, adaptability, cooperation, and an appreciation of individual and cultural differences.
  • Demonstrates how mentoring and professional collaboration have enhanced their PT/PTA relationship and the impact it has on the exceptional quality of patient/client care they provide.

What Recipients Receive

An award will be presented to the recipient at the FPTA Annual Conference Honors and Awards ceremony.

Submission Requirements

The following documents will be required for submission:

  • A letter of nomination not to exceed 3 pages specifically focused on the strengths of the team in relation to the award criteria.
  • Curriculum vitae/resumes of all members of the nominated team.
  • Two letters of support not to exceed 2 pages each from patients, colleagues, and/or employers upon whom the team has had an impact, which specifically address one or more of the criteria for selection, not to exceed 2 pages each.
  • Nominations are due July 1 of each year.

    Submit a Nomination

    Fill out your contact information below.
    Please provide a brief introduction and why you are submitting for this award.  

    Please upload the required attachments (see descriptions above):

    • Acceptable files include Word, PDF, PNG, Excel, Powerpoint, and JPEG. Please do not upload Zip files, they cannot be opened.
    • If all your information is on one document, you may upload all your files to one field.
    • Please do not include links in your attachments. You may extract information from a website and create a Word Document or PDF, but FPTA will not open external links.

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