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Our elected leaders help guide the FPTA toward the goals of our members and provide a voice to APTA. Your participation and commitment are vital to the organization and we are glad you're interested! We know you have questions, and this is the place to find the answers.

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Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible creating a slate of eligible candidates to present to the FPTA membership for election and for overseeing the conduct of campaigns. Their responsibilities are further outlined in the FPTA Nominating Committee Manual.


Committee Members

Chair: Leiselle Pilgrim (SE District) 2017

Tom Fischer (EC District) 2018

Healther Moran (NO District) 2019


The process starts with nominations for the various leadership positions that are available. These positions are governed by the FPTA Bylaws and differ according to whether it’s an odd- or even-number year. More information can be found in the FPTA Policies & Procedures Manual.

You can nominate yourself or someone else by visiting the FPTA Nomination page.

Petitions & Write-Ins

If you want to run for an FPTA leadership position but were not slated by the nominating committee, you can get on the ballot either through a nomination by petition or as a write-in candidate.


Congratulations! If you have been nominated by slate or petition, you may now start campaigning for an FPTA leadership position. There are guidelines governing appropriate campaign strategies and you will be asked to sign a Consent to Serve form.

It's important to comply with the Guidelines for Appropriate Campaigning Strategies to avoid any perception of impropriety. If you have questions, ask the Nominating Committee by writing to committee chair Leiselle Pilgrim

Important Dates

5/18/20 Leadership slate posted
6/1/20 Deadline for candidates to get their information to the FPTA
6/17/20 Deadline for nominations by petition to be submitted
7/17/20 Voting begins
8/17/20 Voting Closes

Document Library

FPTA Nominating Committee Manual

FPTA Bylaws

FPTA Policies & Procedures Manual

Consent to Serve Form

Guidelines for Appropriate Campaigning Strategies




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