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Duties of Mentors and Mentees
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While we like to leave the requirements of the program up to the individual mentor and mentee, there are a few basic requirements as follows.

  • Complete self assessments on learning style, color profile, and other questionnaires to facilitate the best matching experience.
  • Provide Resume
  • The mentor will clearly define availability and collaborate with the mentee to define a timeline. This may range from a very acute need (1-3 months), to a lifelong relationship.
  • FPTA will require quarterly surveys for up to 1 year (4 total) from the mentor gathering feedback on the following:
  • Success of the pairing of mentor to mentee
  • Frequency of contact (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly)
  • Method of contact (face to face, virtual via web, email, phone calls, text)
  • Whom is initiating the contact
  • What strategies/techniques have been most helpful in ensuring your mentee is actionable in their pursuit of mentorship?
  • Has your mentee successfully achieved their goal?
  • Are you ready for a new mentee?
  • Can you manage more than one mentee?
  • Do you have any additional or different preferences in a match?

Suggested Activities



Review journal articles

Discuss and create goals

Discuss CEUs and certifications

Discuss difficult to treat cases, and challenge the mindset of a young general practitioner

Discuss clinical techniques

Discuss new techniques vs. clinical norms

Resume review

Perform behavioral interview

Discuss and create goals

Create a networking list (key leadership/individuals that the mentee should meet and foster a relationship).

Discuss how the mentor attained their current/previous roles

Plan key conferences to attend

Be able to bring issues with current mentee positions to discuss with mentor


The FPTA mentor and mentee are expected to display the following characteristics and abilities:


Knowledgeable in the desired area of mentorship

Ability to Problem Solve

Communication skills are refined, open

Provides constructive feedback





Willing and available

Genuine interest in the topic

Able to set guidelines, boundaries and expectations with and of the mentee




Active Listener


Emotionally intelligent

Expectations of a Mentor



Advanced clinical skills in specialty area of practice as defined by a Clinical Specialist Certification or years’ experience with additional training.

Willingness to provide insight of past experiences to provide context to the mentee.

Ability/willingness to review and discuss current evidence.

Does not hold the mentee to their own standards, rather guides them through developing his/her own standards of practice.

Uses evidence informed practice.

Can challenge a mentee’s clinical reasoning skills through constructive communication.

Displays APTA standards of professionalism and ethical practice.

Embodies APTA CORE Values, including principles of altruism, excellence, caring, ethics, respect, communication and accountability

Has experience in leadership positions within the clinic and/or in the profession on a district, state or national level.

Has advanced their leadership skills through continuing education/certificate programs.

Displays APTA standards of professionalism and ethical practice.

Does not hold the mentee to their own standards, rather guides them through developing his/her own standards of practice.

Embodies APTA CORE Values.

Embodies networking skill.

Has experience with intrapersonal leadership growth.

Has insight into organizational leadership within the APTA/FPTA and other organizations.




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