Key Contact Program

Put a Face on Physical Therapy in Florida

Our state legislators are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers with friends and loved ones who have probably have had, or know someone who has had, experience with physical therapy.

They know that physical therapists help people feel better, but they don’t know much more than that.Many don’t realize that physical therapists have a doctoral degree, have passed a national exam, state exam and meet state licensing criteria to be able to practice in Florida.They might never have even heard of a physical therapist assistant, much less understand that they a specialized two-year degree and have passed national and state exams as well as meeting state licensing criteria.

The only way our legislators will learn this is to have members of the FPTA meet with them, invite them to their practices, talk with them about the challenges PT faces in Florida and give them solutions to these challenges.We need members to talk with these people and show them the value of the service provided by physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.We need members who will put a face with the practice of physical therapy in Florida.

Once our state representatives and senators know that physical therapy professionals are an active and engaged constituency who interact with an even larger constituency, they will be more likely to listen to recommendations for legislation.

Use the resources provided in the Key Contact Toolbox below to learn more about the program and becoming a Key Contact.

How to Join

To learn more about the FPTA Key Contact program or to volunteer, please contact Tad Fisher at 904-219-7226 or via email at

Key Contact Toolbox

FPTA Key Contact Program
Sample Flow of Visit to Practice
Checklist for Visit to Practice


A Key Contact doesn’t have to be savvy about legislative strategies, or rich, or
well-connected in the community. All we ask is that a Key Contact be willing
to make a commitment to reach out to legislators in their area who will be
voting on matters that impact the practice of PT in Florida.

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