SSIG Leaders



We hope to inspire, encourage, and promote leadership amongst our
students by providing opportunities to engage, network, and collaborate.

We aim to support the growing diversity of our profession by
including and supporting all students within physical therapy.
We hope to increase inter-professional communication among
SPT's and SPTA's to improve our ability to collaborate
during patient care in our future.

— SSIG Leaders (2020-2021)



Marino Bucci

University of Central Florida

DPT Class of 2022

“I am extremely lucky to be working toward a career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My passions for physical activity, communication, education, and personal interaction are all factors in my love for this profession. From pro bono clinic efforts and practicing learned clinical concepts, to advocating for policy advancement on capitol hill, I sincerely enjoy learning about and contributing to the physical therapy profession. 

My eventual goals are to secure a career in academia where I can continue to contribute to the profession through research and service. Additionally, I aspire to own a sports oriented clinic with a focus on wellness & prevention.

I enjoy exercising, learning, traveling, and going out to eat in my free time.”

Vice Chair

Mackenzie Gusman

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

DPT Class of 2022

“During my sophomore year of undergrad, I experienced what I like to call a quarter-life crisis. I had no clue what I wanted to spend the next two years studying. I called my Mom, who just so happens to be a Physical Therapist, and she asked me one simple question... "What do you want to be able to do for the remainder of your life?" I told her that I want to communicate with people every day and make a difference in people's lives - big or small. From that moment forward, I knew that physical therapy was the right profession for me. I am excited to say that I have learned more than I ever would have imagined at this point in my life. Currently, my interests lie in Neurology and Pediatrics. I am looking forward to learning tons more and becoming more involved within the FPTA. I hope to transfer the same passion and excitement to fellow students that I felt on the day I decided to pursue this profession.“



John Hollnagel Jr

Nova Southeastern University

DPT Class of 2022

“I chose to pursue a career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, because it is a profession that will allow me to engage in all of my passions. From my love of participating in physical activity, the drive I have to help those who are in need, and my belief that patients should be able easily access quality healthcare. In my pursuit and beyond, I hope to make an impact on the delivery of healthcare in our country by advocating for the profession of physical therapy and patients alike.

I hope to one day to work in academia, have my own sport orthopedic clinic, and continue advocating for the profession of physical therapy to local, state, and federal legislators.

My interests include, all things sports, powerlifting, sneakers, and finding the best places to eat where ever I travel.”


Director of Communications

Deborah Humble

Florida Gulf Coast University

DPT Class of 2022

“My inspiration for pursuing DPT is watching a great soldier and friend recover from a HMV incident that left him with a severe TBI among other injuries. This soldier credited his recovery to finding the right neuro PT who didn't accept the doctors pronouncement that he would never walk again. My goal after finishing my DPT is to work with wounded service men and women.”


PTA Director

Caryn Bronson

Seminole State College

PTA Class of 2021

“In 2003, I had a child who was born with a subdural hematoma. It was in that year, over 15 years ago, that I first became invested in the field of Physical Therapy. Through many years of optimistic visits and a bright outcome, I experienced first-hand how much physical therapy positively impacts individuals during their recovery stages. My interest for working as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) began a little later in my life as I played an integral part of a close family friend’s home therapy. After graduation, my goal is to work as a PTA in either Women’s Health, Sports and Rehabilitation, Neurology, or Geriatrics. I am willing to keep an open mind and open heart as I continue this journey through school to figure out exactly which population I am most interested in working with. Lastly, in my free time, I enjoy cooking, baking, weight training, and hanging out with my kids.”


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