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Florida Statutes – Chapter 486.021 (11) (a)

(a) A physical therapist may implement a plan of treatment developed by the physical therapist for a patient or for a patient by a practitioner of record or by an advanced registered nurse practitioner licensed under s. 464.012.

A physical therapist shall refer the patient to or consult with a practitioner of record if the patient’s condition is found to be outside the scope of the physical therapy. If physical therapy treatment of a patient is required beyond (30) days for a condition not previously assessed by a practitioner of record, the physical therapist shall have a practitioner of record review and sign the plan.

The requirement that a physical therapist have a practitioner of record review and sign a plan of treatment does not apply when a patient has been physically examined by a physician licensed in another state, the patient has been diagnosed by the physician as having a condition for which the physical therapy is required, and the physical therapist is treating the condition.

For purposes of this paragraph a health care practitioner licensed under:

  • chapter 458 (Medical Doctors and Physician Assistants),
  • chapter 459 (Osteopathic Physicians),
  • chapter 460 (Chiropractors),
  • chapter 461 (Podiatrists),
  • chapter 466 (Dentistry)

and engaged in active practice is eligible to serve as a practitioner of record.

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