FPTA Assembly of Representatives


Assembly of Representatives

Members of the FPTA Assembly of Representatives are elected from each district to speak and vote on issues brought before the Assembly on the behalf of the members they represent.

The representative delegation from each district is comprised of one PT representative for each 25 PT members (or majority portion thereof) and one PTA representative for each 50 PTA members (or majority portion thereof).

Assembly representatives are elected (or appointed) by district members in an annual online election.



Assembly Information

Assembly Motions

Each district, as well as individual members, can bring their issues to the Assembly meeting by submitting motions by the annual deadline. These motions are called FAs for Florida Assembly.

Chief Representatives

Districts elect a Chief Representative who is responsible for collecting FAs, presenting them for district discussion before the Assembly and submitting them to the Speaker of the Assembly.

Student Assembly Reps

Student assembly representatives are an FPTA-sanctioned group designed to encourage students to become involved with FPTA governance from the start. Students are recommended by program directors.

Assembly Documents

Detailed minutes of each assembly meeting and board reports are kept for historical reference. Members may access the Minutes of the Assembly and the Reports of the Board.

Allocations 2019

East Central District - 23 PT Reps and 3 PTA Rep

Northern District - 28 PT Reps and 2 PTA Rep

Northwest District - 5 PT Reps and 1 PTA Rep

Southeast District - 31 PT Reps and 3 PTA Rep

Southwest District - 9 PT Reps and 1 PTA Rep

West Central District - 27 PT Reps and 2 PTA Rep

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