Assembly Motions

Florida Assembly (FA) Motions

Each district, as well as individual members, can bring their issues to the Assembly meeting by submitting motions by the annual deadline. These motions are called FAs for Florida Assembly.

Main Motions

Main motions address a position or a desired outcome. Motions not involving amendments to the FPTA Bylaws require a majority of representatives voting in order to pass.
Assembly members should receive notice of main motions well in advance of the annual meeting. However, motions which have not been given advance notice may be presented and voted on if a majority of representatives agree to hear them.

Bylaws Amendments

Motions involving amendments to FPTA Bylaws must not only be given at least three weeks’ written notice to the members, but must be approved by the Parliamentarian for consistency with APTA Bylaws before such notice is even given.

These motions should be coordinated through the Bylaws Committee.

Bylaw amendments are routinely heard only in odd-numbered years and may be passed by a 2/3 majority of representatives voting. In an even-numbered year, bylaw amendments may only be heard with the consent to consider of 2/3 of the Assembly, at which time they may be passed with a 2/3 affirmative vote.

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