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Fall Prevention Awareness Day 2018

Fall Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD) is upon us! September 22, 2018 will mark the day promoted by the National Council on Aging. The Florida Physical Therapy Association actively supports fall prevention and this September we want to make an even bigger impact on bringing Floridians more education and awareness regarding falls and their consequences.

Member Resources

Balance & Fall Literature: Members may access the presentation Fall Screening at the Senior Center by Jackie Osborne, PT, DPT, Board-Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist, Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults. Also available is the NCOA FPAD 2017 Impact Report.

APTA Member Resources: Members may access Developing Consumer Events on Balance, Falls, and Exercise on the APTA website. Additional information for non-members may be found at this link.

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are well positioned to provide an essential service to Florida’s aging population in terms of addressing balance issues and reducing the risk of falls as well as recovery from fall-related injuries.

PT in the Emergency Room

There is a strong case for including physical therapists on an emergency room team. Read more about the value that can be added. Emergency rooms can download this free flyer explaining the benefits of having a physical therapist on the team.

What You Can Do

Currently, there are approximately 14,000 licensed physical therapists in the state of Florida. As of June 2013, only 68 of these physical therapists practice as geriatric clinical specialists. As of 2011, 17% of Florida’s population, or approximately 3.2 million people were over the age of 65 and by 2030, this number is projected to increase to 27%! Of the nearly 119,000 falls in this group that resulted in an emergency room visit in 2012, over 2,000 were fatal. 

These statistics demonstrate an undisputable public health issue that can be greatly helped by volunteers from the physical therapy community. Learn more.

Additional Resources

APTA Geriatrics Section - The Section on Geriatrics supports those therapists, assistants, and students that work with an aging population in roles of advocacy, direct patient care, consultation, supervision, and education. 

PTNow - Resources for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants from the APTA.

Introduction to Falls and Fall-Related Injuries - An introduction by Stephanie Hart-Hughes, PT, MSMS, NCS

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