Clinical Instruction & Credentialing Program - Basic

What is the CCIP?

This voluntary program is designed primarily for people interested in or involved with clinical education (clinical instructors [CIs], center coordinators of clinical education [CCCEs], directors of clinical/fieldwork education [DCEs]) and is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as a Clinical Instructor (CI) Education and Credentialing Program (APTA CIECP). 

Reasons Identified for Seeking the American Physical Therapy Association-Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP) in Florida

CCIP Overview

The program addresses issues of:

  • Planning and preparing for physical therapy students during their clinical education experiences
  • Developing learning experiences
  • Supporting ongoing learning through questioning and effective feedback
  • Developing skills of performance evaluation
  • Identifying and managing students with exceptional situations
  • Identifying legal implications for clinical educators, including issues for ADA legislation

The Course and Assessment Center are useful for both new and experienced physical therapist and physical therapist assistant educators involved with clinical education. Although the information presented covers the basic skills for CIs, the interactive tasks and group discussions are of benefit for experienced educators. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to attend this course, all participants must complete and submit the Participant Dossier for the specific course location and accompanying documentation (health care provider license and APTA membership card where applicable) and fees to the FPTA prior to taking the course. The credentialed trainer reviews all documentation to determine the individual's acceptance into the course based on specified criteria (e.g., current license as a PT or license/registration/certification as a PTA). 1.6 CEUs (16 contact hours or CEHs) for PT/PTA participants (directly from APTA) & APTA CI Credential Certificate and Credential Pin.

Persons from disciplines other than physical therapy are permitted to complete the CI Education component of the program. However, they are not eligible nor are they permitted to take the credentialing (Assessment Center) component of the program. Upon successful completion of the CI Education Program, persons from disciplines other than physical therapy will receive a Certificate of Completion of the CI Education Program of 1.2 CEUs (12 contact hours or CEHs) (directly from APTA). However, because they are not eligible to take the Assessment Center, they cannot receive an APTA CI Credential Certificate. All disciplines are welcome, Fieldwork Instructors, Clinical Preceptors, Clinical Instructors: SLP, RN, RD, MD, OT, PharmD, DDS, PA, PT, PTA, COTA, CLS, et al.

*BASIC course is prerequisite for the Advanced APTA CIECP 

Eligibility Criteria for Non-Physical Therapy Providers to complete APTA’s Clinical Instructor (CI) Education Program: 

  • A minimum of one year of clinical experience or comparable experience
  • Completion of the Participant Dossier attesting to clinical competence within the respective discipline in accordance with state laws and regulations as authorized by the individual's direct supervisor


Florida Courses
Reference the FPTA Community Calendar for a complete listing of Florida CCIP courses.
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