2019 Oxford Debate

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*2018 Oxford debate (above)

Friday September 20, 2019 • 2:00-3:30pm

Overview: An Oxford debate is a formulated, interactive debate in which audience participation is a key feature of the occasion, providing a rare opportunity for the public to voice their opinions and challenge those of the speakers. This fun-filled debate uses light wit and banter to focus on a defined motion over which two debate adjudication teams, both pro and con, dramatically address the motion.

The Topic and Teams

Vital Signs are Vital for Physical Therapy Practice

Chairperson:  Jamie Dyson, FPTA President

Pro Team:  Kathy Swanick, PT, DPT; Laurie Neely, DPT and Chandler Collins, SPT

Con Team:  Thomas Eberle, PT, DPT, Rachel Webb, DPT, and Mark Bishop, PT, PhD

Ground Rules

1) Two teams shall participate in a debate; each team will comprise 3 members. Each team shall employ an opening speaker, second speaker and summator.

2) Although all competitors are required to handle themselves with dignity and respect; they are encouraged to debate with animation, passion and creativity.

3) All members of the audience shall comprise “the floor.”

4) The debate shall have a chairperson whose task is to regulate the debate, to keep order and to call upon competitors to speak.

Audience Responsibility

1) Following the speech of the second speaker of the opposition, the chairperson shall open the debate floor. At this stage, any member of the floor may raise points, challenging or supporting a team.

2) Audience members who are swayed by a particular team should move to join that teams’ side of the room.

3) Audience members shall use noisemakers, bells and/or whistles to voice their opinion if they are so inclined.

4) Vocal reactions strongly recommended. Noisemakers will be provided.

Who Declares the Winner?

It is the responsibility of the chairperson to declare the victor of the debate. The audience is encouraged to voice their appreciation or displeasure of the decision.

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