Bylaws Committee

Bylaws Committee

The bylaws of an association are the foundation document describing the purpose, structure and function of the organization.

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for assuring that the bylaws of the Florida Physical Therapy Association and of each of its component districts are internally consistent, that the bylaws of the districts are not in conflict with the bylaws of the FPTA, and that neither the chapter bylaws nor the districts’ bylaws are in conflict with national APTA bylaws.

Proposed amendments to district bylaws must be submitted to the Bylaws Committee for determination of their consistency with FPTA and APTA bylaws before they may be presented to the district membership for approval in the manner described in the district bylaws.

Proposed amendments to the bylaws are routinely considered as main motions to the FPTA Assembly of Representatives in odd numbered years, but may be considered in even numbered years with the assent of three-fourths of the assembly representatives.

When individuals or districts are considering proposing amendments to the bylaws, it is strongly recommended that they advise the Bylaws Committee early in the process, so that any potential conflicts can be identified and resolved. It is also possible that similar proposals may arise from different sources, and the Bylaws Committee may be able to facilitate bringing those parties together early in the development process.

Questions, proposals or other issues are welcomed by the Bylaws Committee Chair, Linda Eargle. Electronic document attached to an email is the preferred method for submitting proposals. Send to Linda Eargle- FPTA Bylaws Chair.

Committee Members are Linda Eargle (Chairperson) and Barbara Connolly.



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