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IRS Expands List of Defined Preventive Care for HSA Participants

Wednesday, August 7, 2019  

The recent release of an expanded list of preventative care benefits for chronic health conditions provides a move in a positive direction for healthcare providers. Although the newly expanded list of preventative care measures and equipment does not include physical therapy, the IRS decision opens the door for more discussion regarding healthcare providers that can provide preventative care including education and treatments. The education of the public and patients through FSA and HSA accounts is a significant step forward and is yet another possible medium to the recognition of physical therapists as preventative care providers.  Physical therapists are gaining traction in this area as recognized by their role in fall prevention and as an alternative to opioids and pain medications. The FPTA continues to meet with and gain traction with entities like Florida Blue and others about the role physical therapy plays in early assessment and preventative and conservative care. We believe the recent IRS decision is a good thing for the public in general but also for healthcare providers and physical therapists. It shows support for a proactive system that we believe aligns well with the field of physical therapy.

A link to the article and decision is included here.  

 Matthew Morgan, PT, DPT,ATC
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