The Value of Physical Therapy - Dominick Loretta
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The Value of Physical Therapy

My name is Dominick Loretta and I am a Physical Therapist Assistant student at South University. I was born with congenital fibular hemimelia, underwent a Boyd amputation and utilize a below-the-knee prosthesis. Physical therapy has helped me with gait training when fitted with my first prosthesis at eleven months old and again to correct my anterior pelvic tilt at twenty-three years old. Physical therapy helped correct my functional scoliosis and leg length discrepancy by inserting an orthotic in my footwear. My therapist educated me on the use of wrapping to reduce edema in my residual limb as well as proper diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Through physical therapy I have gained strength which has eliminated my Trendelenburg gait pattern, increased my coordination, and improved balance to prevent falls. Today I walk, run, and play sports without back pain. Unless I am wearing shorts most people do not even recognize that I am missing a limb.

The value of Physical Therapy to an amputee is priceless; it is these most talented individuals that ultimately allow me to wear my prosthesis all day without the use of a wheelchair, walker, or cane. It is our goal, as an amputee, to acquire functional independence with activities of daily living just like our “able bodied” counterparts. It is the physical therapist and the physical therapist assistant that empower me to achieve this most priceless goal of independence and I hope to have that same impact on my patients as it has on me.

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