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  The following list was compiled by FPTA student members as a source of opportunities within both the Florida chapter and the national organization.

State & National Opportunities

  • APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors - an elected position at the national level
  • APTA/FPTA Project and Task Committees - For example, become a student member of the membership committee
  • The Loop is a movement for students to help them find their interests, get informed about physical therapy issues, and get involved through various Internet and social media avenues
  • The Hub is the “Hub” of communication within the APTA website for you to join a community, start a discussion, and more

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FPTA Student Special Interest Group information

The Florida Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) gives you a chance to get to know fellow students on a more local level

  • The Executive Committee is made up of 5 officers and is limited to one student per PT or PTA school.
  • School Liaison includes one liaison from each PT and PTA program. Ideally, the liaison for a school that has an officer on the Executive Committee would be different from the officer.
  • Chair or be a member of one of the FSSIG committees.
  • Student members in the FPTA are automatically enrolled in the the FSSIG.
  • Like the FPTA Student Special Interest Group on Facebook

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Student Caucus

  • FL Assembly of Representatives held in conjunction with the FPTA Annual Conference held each fall.
  • The FPTA will reimburse travel expenses for one representative to the Student Caucus from each CAPTE-certified Florida PT and PTA school. This person is selected by the school’s program director. Students should talk to their program director about the process their school uses for selection.
  • Opportunities to volunteer: FPTA asks for student volunteers to assist with ushering and conference registration.

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State and National Student Conclaves

  • APTA National Student Conclave is held every November.
  • National Student Conclave Grant - FPTA offers a grant to one PT student and one PTA student to attend NSC for registration, hotel, airfare, food, etc. Watch the FPTA Weekly Update for application information.
  • The FPTA Student Conclave is held in the first quarter of each year and is hosted by one of Florida’s DPT programs. Leadership opportunities exist for the program hosting conclave for students to chair a planning committee or be a member of a planning committee. There is also a Student Conclave committee within the FSSIG made up of students from other programs who will assist the host school with whatever is needed.

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APTA House of Delegates (HOD)

  • Made up of elected members from each state chapter, the HOD is the member driven governing body of the APTA. The HOD is the driving force behind the direction of the APTA.
  • The HOD is held before the National APTA NEXT conference.
  • Students are encouraged to apply to be an usher during the HOD meeting, monitor the HOD site for openings. This is a great opportunity to learn how the organization is governed.

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Travel Scholarships for State Advocacy Days

  • The FPTA State Advocacy Days is an opportunity to meet with state legislators and discuss the issues which affect the practice of physical therapy.
  • The event is typically held the week or two before the start of the Florida legislative session.
  • There is a training session discussing current issues and the process for the day at the Capitol, a networking social and meetings with legislators that are set up by FPTA
  • Travel scholarships are available for those who want to attend.
  • Look for notices about scholarships and how to apply in the FPTA Weekly Update.

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Federal Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC

  • FPTA sends representatives to Washington in April for this event.
  • Scholarships are available for PTs, PTAs, and students.
  • This is similar to State Advocacy Days, but on a national level, dealing with federal legislation that affects the PT profession.
  • There are training sessions and meetings with congressmen regarding issues.
  • Become involved in the APTA Student Advocacy Challenge

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APTA National Conferences

  • Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) - all sections of the APTA come together for a large diverse educational opportunity. This meeting is held in the winter at different locations throughout the country.
  • NEXT Conference & Exposition - This is the APTA National Convention with theme being the future of the profession, it is held in conjunction with HOD.
  • Opportunities to volunteer and get registration paid for through being a member

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Professional Association Leadership (PAL) Mentoring through FPTA

The Professional Association Leadership (PAL) Mentoring Program was developed by members who want to give back to the physical therapy community in Florida by providing guidance and support to the next generation of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants by developing new leaders.

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District Activities

There are many opportunities to get involved without having to travel far. Each district in the FPTA offers both educational and social opportunities for its members. You may either check theFPTA events calendar for a district event near you or refer to your district's home page. You can check your FPTA profile page to verify your district.

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Join local practitioners and students in a casual atmosphere to share ideas, information and have some fun. PTPubNight is a national event that's held on a local level, while it's typicall held on the third Thursday of each month other events are scheduled throughout the month at the discretion of the PTPubNight hosts. Don’t see a PubNight in your area or want to start your own? Check out thePTPubNight website for more information or go to the events calendar on the FPTA website. Don’t see a PubNight in your area or want to start your own?

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Career Starters Dues Discounts

  • Get 50% off national and state chapter dues the first year after graduation and receive a free registration to the APTA NEXT Conference & Exposition.
  • Career Starter Dues Pilot Program: The FPTA members voted to work with APTA on a pilot program offering ongoing discounts to early professionals as follows: 40% off the second year, 30% the 3rd year, and 20% the 4th year, and pay full dues the 5th year following graduation.
  • You must be a member in your last year of a CAPTE accredited PT/PTA school to qualify for discounts.
  • Go to APTA Career Starter Dues for more information.

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New Professionals Transition for Members

  • Early Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG) for members 0-5 years post-graduation.
  • Request to join the group on the group home page.
  • Opportunity for leadership on the EPSIG Executive Board.
  • Continue what you started as a student to stay engaged as an early professional and still gain the mentoring and networking all early professionals want and need.

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APTA Student Assembly

  • All student members are automatically members of the APTA Student Assembly.
  • Focuses on issues relating to students.
  • Opportunity to run for national office or become student liaison to your PT or PTA program.
  • Contact Florida Core Ambassador to volunteer or for additional information.

Student Member Resources

  • Access to great resources as a student member.
  • Access PTJ and PT in Motion (physical therapy journals) as well as the ability to search for research articles on the APTA website.
  • APTA Learning Center: tons of webinars available for viewing and many are free to members.
  • The Guide to Physical Therapy Practice: only available on the APTA website, free to members, cost for non-members.
  • Free membership to the Research Section for Student Members

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