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APTA Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) Web

APTA Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument (PT CPI) Web

APTA Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instrument (PTA CPI) Web

Student PT Evaluation Form

Student PTA Evaluation Form



APTA Resources

Position Descriptions

The position description represents an aggregate perspective of a broad continuum of activities and responsibilities assumed by ACCEs/DCEs in physical therapist and physical therapist assistant programs.

Model Position Description for the ACCE/DCE: PT Program

Model Position Description for the ACCE/DCE: PTA Program

APTA Clinical Education Website

Clinical Education Consortia

Click here to view a list of clinical education consortia from around the nation.


More Resources

Clinical Education Common Terminology:  Recommendations From the Common Terminology Panel of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy
Mia Erickson; Marisa Birkmeier, Melissa Booth; Laurita M Hack; Julie Hartmann...Physical Therapy, Volume 98, Issue 9, 1 September 2018, Pages 754-762,


CPI:  Links to Training slides, Quick Guide

Training modules are open access, click here.

Post-tests, click here.

Use of Students in Hospitals, click here.



Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Educators

The Manual for the PT and PTA ACCE
The Resource for all your clinical education questions. This one-of-a-kind practical manual includes valuable information to assist you in your role as ACCE. Chapters Include: An Overview of Clinical Education; The ACCE; Structure of a Clinical Education Program; Contracts; Policies and Procedures; Clinical Education Policies; Legal Issues and the ADA; Students with Special Needs, Clinical Site Development, Managing Students, Assessing Student Performance; Educating Clinical Educators; Sample Seminar Presentations; and Sample Case Scenarios.
Written and published by the Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education, Inc. Cost is $ 98.00 which includes shipping and handling.

Handbook of Forms
Paperwork requirements for the ACCE can become overwhelming, and maintaining the paper trail is a major challenge. This resource is a compilation of forms that are utilized by ACCE's to complete clinical education paperwork requirements. The ACCEs from 12 physical therapy and physical therapist assistant programs have contributed their forms and ideas to this handbook. The purchaser can utilize the forms as is or customize them to best meet the needs of their individual program.

Compiled and edited by Peggy Blake Gleeson, PhD, PT with assistance from Carolyn Utsey, PT, PhD. Cost is $38.00, includes shipping and handling as of 5/12

Purchase the Manual or Handbock online or send check or money order to:  
Dr. Peggy Gleeson
School of Physical Therapy
Texas Woman's University
6700 Fannin
Houston, Texas 77030

(713) 794-2079 Dr. Gleeson
(713) 794-2070 - PT office
(713) 794-2071 FAX


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