Balance and Fall Stories

In-Depth Assessment Makes a Difference

Sometimes it takes a little digging to understand why a senior is falling.  Dana Brown explains what goes into an in-depth assessment with her elderly female patient.

Grandmother Benefits from PT

One bad fall can take away the independence many seniors treasure above all else. Susanna Hearn relates how her grandmother almost allowed her life to be unnecessarily restricted due to this fear.

Clinic Assesses for Fall-Risk

Clinics and screening fairs are ideal for giving seniors an idea of their potential for independence. Paden Wallace describes one such clinic and a patient's experience.

Increased Confidence with Fall Prevention Training

Proper foot placement and body-awareness are part of a physical therapist's interventions. Heidi Piccione tells the story of patient who learned how to become "carefully independent."

Away from the Beach

Fear of falling can take seniors away from doing what they love, but it doesn't have to. Bonnie Rogulj shares this story of how her grandfather's fall at the beach led to decreased independence.


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