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12/6/2018 Conference Call 3 A. Williamson Here are the minutes from the 12.6.18 meeting.  
by Y. Broomand
Sunday, January 13, 2019
EPSIG Business Meeting, Annual Conference, September 29, 2018 4 A. Williamson Please refer to the attached document for a list of each of the tiers, leadership, member who have expressed interest, and current projects. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to myself or any of the corresponding tier leaders.
by A. Williamson
Thursday, November 1, 2018
Leadership Conference Call 9/20/2018 1 A. Williamson Please review the attached document for contact information and current projects to be distributed at annual conference.
by A. Williamson
Thursday, September 20, 2018
8/27/2018 Conference Call 3 A. Williamson Please see attached for meeting minutes, to be voted on for approval at next meeting September 29, 2018. Please send any edits/comments to Amanda Williamson at
by A. Williamson
Thursday, September 13, 2018
Leadership Conference Call 7.12.18 1 Y. Broomand Here are the minutes from the 7/12/18 leadership meeting
by Y. Broomand
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
6/20/2018 Conference Call 4 A. Williamson Here are the minutes from the 6/20/18 conference call. 
by Y. Broomand
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
2/1/2018 Conference Call 2 C. Litz Here are the minutes from the conference call on 2/1/18. 
by Y. Broomand
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
11/16/17 Annual Conference Meeting 1 C. Litz See attached minutes below
by Y. Broomand
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
10/16/17 Conference Call 1 C. Litz See minutes attached
by C. Litz
Friday, November 17, 2017
7/27/2017 Conference Call 1 C. Litz Meeting Minutes Attached -KC
by K. Carlson
Thursday, July 27, 2017
05/25/2017 Conference Call 4 K. Carlson See minutes below 
by K. Carlson
Thursday, May 25, 2017
4/1/2017 Spring Conference Meeting 1 C. Litz See minutes below.
by C. Litz
Friday, May 5, 2017
3/22/2017 Leadership Conference Call 1 C. Litz See minutes below
by C. Litz
Wednesday, March 29, 2017
2/28/2017 Conference Call 19 C. Litz See minutes attached below.
by C. Litz
Thursday, March 9, 2017
12/14/2016 Conference Call 13 C. Litz Meeting Agenda 12.14.16 1. Role call - Julia W, Nicole N., Richard R., Kristin C., CariAnn L., David S., Amanda W., Jamie D., Liz A., Giselle, J. Wilcox, Josh 2. Welcome 3. Review/approval of minutes: Nicole moves, Richards second, no opposition 4. Welcome new members: check out groups/tiers! ·       Amy Hobbs ·       Julia Davis ·       Julia Wilcox What tier would you like to join? 5. Movement Summit Update (Jamie Dyson) ·       Mini HOD, what will roll out as a system of practice ·       Common denominator of helping people move better o   Goal: have consumers think of us improving “how people move” o   Hate consumers asking for massage o   Inter-define what it is that PTs do, development of more consistent language, using ICF including ventilation o   Other countries in ICD-11 which has a functional or movement component to every diagnosis §  Ex. LBP with no impact on movement, minimal > mod > max impact on mvmt 6. Medicare CPT Code Changes ·       Resources (Nicole Nicholas); charges for evaluations à effective 01/01/2017 o   Compliance course/CPT course through APTA; highly recommended; Word document attached to email; PT Magazine with a pocket guide o   3 new codes to replace 97001: low, moderate, high complexity evaluations and re-evaluation codes §  Typical times: low (20’) Moderate (30’) High (45’) Reevaluation (20’) §  RE-eval when you need to CHANGE plan of care §  Reevaluation code up from 0.6 > 0.75 §  Currently, no potential to get more money for more complex codes o   4 different categories must be documented to justify which code complexity you pick; if all four categories are not met for a higher complexity, you must down scale your complexity (ie. If 3 codes suffice a high complexity but one category fits moderate complexity you pick the moderate complexity code) §  History (medical and functional) – MUST BE EFFECTIVE COMORBIDITY, not diabetes affecting TKR §  Examination (impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions)        §  Clinical presentation (stable and uncomplicated; evolving and predictable; evolving and unpredictable) §  Clinical decision making o   Complexity high complexity must be met in all four categories or will be placed in moderate categories o   Also required: pts ability to make needs known, consciousness, orientation, learning preferences and emotional response, personal factors affecting POC (ie. Exercise habits, fear avoidance etc) §  If personal factors do not impact POC they do not affect the level of the case o   Definitions: §  Body regions: head, neck, back, UE, LE, Trunk §  Body systems: musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and integumentary §  Also required: pts ability to make needs known, consciousness, orientation, learning preferences and emotional response, personal factors affecting POC (ie. Exercise habits, fear avoidance etc) §  If personal factors do not impact POC they do not affect the level of the case o   No PQRS but new system where you stack up in notes that you’ve reviewed medication. Higher accountability. Pay for performance. Not affecting us until 2023 o   Word document with hyperlinks found in email sent this evening. Can also search in APTA learning center and up on the website banner. 7. Old Business (CariAnn) ·       Website updates – board positions, buttons moved around, thank you Liz! ·       Ortho SIG – Tomas Eberle brought up at Fall conference o   Anyone involved? No o   Like their Facebook page o   Live session Ortho SIG review, would like to have increased involvement in their journal club compared to EPSIG journal club §  Richard volunteers to be in contact with Tom Eberle 8. Teir Updates ·       Membership (Nicole Nichols) o   #balancewithEPSIG challenge update from Sept 2016 §  limited participation compared to last year (currently 10 submissions) §  please add hash tag to friends’ posts to better recognize §  add name to forum in EPSIG to better track §  “the odds are in your favor,” time to post everyone §  Liz will post a blurb in the next/last 2016 FPTA weekly update §  Will run through the end of the month and draw names/winner in January 2017 §  Tag/challenge all PT friends ·       Mentorship (Carly Autrey) - not present on the call, CariAnn has contacted several times without reply, cannot contact for Big/Little program delegation o   Working with leadership programs in the FPTA o   Amanda W. volunteers to be co-chair ·       Professional Development (CariAnn Litz) o   Journal club is up and going > AWESOME! §  Thank you [Richard, Joshua, CariAnn] who have reviews up in the forum §  Not a lot of comments §  Encourage the EPSIG membership to look at the journal club, please respond and encourage discussion or offer constructive criticism to improve §  Allowed and encouraged to share on the FPTA page, even tweet or email blast to members and non-members §  Need volunteers to earn credits for article reviews §  Liz planning on designing an email blast to check out the article review forum o   Shout out to Christine whose doing an awesome job with monthly member feature ·       Leadership (Joshua Lewis) o   Work with leadership and mentoring committee to satisfy the student FA proposed §  No meeting in 2 months, but continue to gather mentors and put together resources for students or anyone to access in case of wanting to go alternative route compared to formal mentoring §  Submitted portion to Liz for review §  Split into 7-8 different action items to work out §  Roll out by 01/01/17 to role out to new members, NOT STUDENTS, working on new clinicians vs students which may overwhelm the system o   Positions available for EPSIG members on other boards (Richard R) §  Updated membership list §  Need: 3 people willing to be BIGs (Jill, Kristin, and Amanda volunteer) §  Contact some of the board if they have room for an EPSIG member to sit in ·       Need folks for advocacy > let Jamie know if you are interested §  Organizational flow chart of FPTA to assist EPSIG members in moving through the ranks o   New FA for student loans §  Met with “Fit Bucks” offering to do a talk at student conclave ·       Jamie states that Kathy S. needs to be contacted to get a slot ·       Student loan debt, credit card debt, assets and liabilities, involvement in sports/extracurriculars, how much is paid down monthly, public service loans, what is the best option for you? ·       Just starting off without fully functioning platform ·       Maybe do for early professionals vs students o   Maybe video conference o   Has his own setting to allow entrance to a video/conference chat o   Scholarships available for advocacy days – YES, go to events, advocacy days, register §  Always sells out, do it (Jamie) ·       Networking (Jillian Carney) – not present on call, Jamie speaking o   AZ, AL, and MA chapter interested in forming SIGs and working on assisting with various stages of development o   Running idea of passing around an item to take pictures with object o   Photos of Flat Stanley that is handed off or passed around to be taken at each networking event, cont ed event, PT pub night, advocacy days etc o   No opposition 9. New Business ·       Student Conclave: Jan 13 & 14 at FGCU, EPSIG booth Jan 14th o   Richard volunteers, Paula, maybe Josh o   Jamie looking for speakers for IGNITE presentations ·       Advocacy Days: Feb 20 & 21 in Tallahassee, FL o   Scholarships available ·       CSM 2017: Feb 16, 17, &18 in San Antonio, TX o   CariAnn and Amanda will be present – EPSIG pub night o   APTA is working on early professional recognition and promoting networking at national events o   Work with Giselle and Jamie/Jillian for those interested in EPSIG event ·       Spring Conference: March 31-April 1 in Orlando, FL o   EPSIG meeting o   “Journey in My Shoes” event, Jamie will contact interested party per recommendation §  Josh on leadership tier §  How many EPSIG member attend? Not as many as fall conference, but it is licensure year and attendance may be up; no data o   Financial advisor video conference at spring conference ·       PT/PTA Program representatives (Jamie Dyson) – each spring they do grad talks, every year want to do as many PT/PTA programs to show what is available to them as new professionals (look for geographical assets); no dates set yet; about an hour talk of a prepped PPT ·       3 New Members need BIGs – see above ·       Website updates? (Liz Aperauch) – see above 10. Questions/comments ·       Next meeting time – end of February 2017, discuss spring conference o   Send out doodle poll early ·       Mentorship application posted to end of forum ·       Spring conference: cost is associated with con ed courses, found under events on far R of page without prices listed yet but will be ·       Liz will put Amanda W to be co-chair with Carly as able 11. Adjourn- Kristin 1st, Richard 2nd, no opposition
by K. Carlson
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
9/9/2016 Conference call 12 N. Nicholas September 9 Conference callMeeting Agenda1. Roll Call: Jillian, above listed attendance2. Welcome3. Approval of Minutes, 1st Nicole, 2nd Paula4. Old business -“Join this Tier” button has been added – should get email to join and able to keep track -Talent show/PAC Fundraiser – representative participant (Paula Shulthiess) EP SIG and 4 student group skits: roast, talent, skit, $25 donated to PAC, Friday night, winning announcement Saturday Contact her if want to be MC, talent, usher, etc Ex. for EPSIG: Human pyramid -Fall Conference Jaymie invite to Board meeting Thurs and Sun Assembly meeting 9-12 Sat talking about FL amendments (6) that morning Chapter Caucus from 1-3:30 Fri to blurb about journal club Tables at Assembly, maybe partner with students; Paula has backboards(?) -Official report of Strategic planning meeting: Cari Ann Pillars: Advocacy, practice, admin/lead, membership, public relations Mission and revision statement updated; updating tiers and objectives/goals for them Critical issues: 11 •Advocacy: direct access and timeline to get it; PAC advocacy •Consumer awareness: drive to get PR firm •Leadership and development: system for conferences to reach rural areas and use different SIGs to keep PTs up to date5. Tier Updates- Membership (Nicole: Balance challenge): check to see if the wording is correct for social media post, plans to launch on the first day of fall 09/22/16, pdf for balance and falls awareness (posted in April)- Mentorship (Stephanie): not present- Leadership (Josh): not present- Professional Development (CariAnn) – ready to post information for journal club on 1st Thurs in the next week on article review to be posted after the conference; thank you to Christine for being able to complete special member feature- Networking (Jillian): boost social media (sp. Twitter), use of Flat Stanley by email or Snail Mail6. New BusinessEPSIG Talk – Bob Rowe, hour before meeting on SaturdayFPTA Annual Conference: Sept 22-25, Orlando, FLFall Elections: FPTA EPSIG Election Guide, July 20th-Aug 19, will vote in at fall conference Secretary Kristin, Chair Cari Ann, Vice Vanessa, Director Richard Hotel options: will pursue Jamie needs someone to speak to SSIG7. Adjourn: 1st Nicole, 2nd Richard
by K. Carlson
Thursday, September 8, 2016
7/18/2017 Conference Call 10 C. Litz Meeting Minutes posted below.
by S. Stambaugh
Monday, July 18, 2016
4/1/2016 Conference Call 13 N. Nicholas Attached below are Meeting Minutes. 
by S. Stambaugh
Monday, April 11, 2016
1/29/2016 Conference Call 4 L. Aperauch See below for Meeting Minutes.
by S. Stambaugh
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
10/29/2015 Meeting 2 N. Nicholas Below is the Meeting Mintues from tonight.
by S. Stambaugh
Thursday, October 29, 2015
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